Where can I find inspiration?

There are a huge amount of places to find inspiration, so this list is by no means comprehensive. We have picked some of our favourite uses of data from others, including articles, apps, visualisations and campaigns.

Helpful Resources:

  • Information Activism Toolkit - This toolkit helps people advocating for women’s rights, and was created in collaboration with organisations in Nepal (Forum for Women, Law and Development, and Nagarik Awaaz for Peace). It includes a range of examples of data being presented in an exciting and engaging way: https://womensrights.informationactivism.org/en/cases
  • Information is Beautiful - Here are some beautiful visualisations to take inspiration from: http://www.informationisbeautiful.net/visualizations/
  • Application - Blood+ is a web application which visualizes blood donors’ ratio and blood groups within Nepal. The application uses the data from the blood donor's community hamroblood.org. This app won the prize of First Runner Up in the Open Nepal Hackathons: http://rhoit.github.io/bloodplus/. More applications can be seen here http://data.opennepal.net/apps