How do I make my data discoverable?

For open data to be useful it must be possible for people to find it and use it. There are some tools on the web that are specifically designed to make data more discoverable, for example, DataHub which is created by the Open Knowledge Foundation. This tool allows your data set to be tagged so that users can more easily find and use it. CKAN is the open source data portal software site that forms the basis for the DataHub. It provides tools for publishing, sharing, finding and using data. It is aimed at publishers who want to make their data more open and available.

Helpful Resources:

  • DataHub - link to the DataHub:
  • CKAN - link to CKAN:
  • CKAN Demonstration - a demo of CKAN that allows you to try out the CKAN functionality in a safe environment before publishing your data:
  • Open Nepal’s Open Data Portal - If you have an open data set and would like to host it on the Open Data Portal, please contact