How do you choose which datasets to open?

For those that hold data, the first step to opening your data is choosing the dataset you would like to make available. The following steps can help clarify which datasets to open:

  1. Ask the community who will be using your data what would be valuable to them. Allow them to consider what datasets are relevant to their needs, for example, what time period they are looking at, what regions, sectors or topics that they are focusing on.
  2. Make a list of the datasets that could be made open and consult with the community on this list of datasets.
  3. For the first dataset to be opened, choose a simple dataset of reasonably high value that is easy to release - small releases can sometimes catalyse bigger releases.
  4. Observe others releasing data in your area and learn from their practices. See ‘What organisations in Nepal can support me?’ for more information on organisations to learn from in this area.

Helpful Resources: